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So, I got the “ late. Thank God for the holiday..

Why am I so excited about a new project? I almost feel like it’s me dropping the album. That exhilarated mood. Writing this introduction is killing me with suspense, mehn.

So over the weekend, one of Nigeria’s finest artists dropped his album. The thing is, we’ve all anticipated this album, for so long. And everyone’s generally excited.

Of course, this is gonn’ be a new phase for the former YBNL singer, who left Olamide’s YBNL imprint after his debut “GOLD” album, in 2016. He’s moved on and since has been doing well with the music.

Particularly, what’s interesting is the Tracklist of this new album. While his 2016 debut had only Simi as guest, this new one has Seun Kuti, Flavour, Dyo and Jacob Banks (on the Remix of his hit, “Ire”.) Omor, let’s get down…

For this review, I’m taking it on 1 listen. No pause, rewind, forward or stop. Just 54 minutes straight. What you’re about to read are my impulsive reactions. Skrrr!

Adekunle Gold - About 30 (1 Listen Album Review)

17. IRE

Oh. The guitar here is making me seem like I’ve not heard this before. The percussions roll… And then, comes King Gold. Oh, yeah, think I’ve heard this song before. What about you?

See soprano for back up. I’m going to marry someone from this choir. It’s sweeting my body. This guitar interlude is actually mad. And this producer finally put in some bass in the 2nd verse. The guy must be a crazy G.

03:08? Ogbeni, it’s getting longer. Not a song made for this album, though. I’m loving those Adekunle’s adlibs.. Fades away. Cool shii.

18. Down With You (ft. Dyo)

I guessed it. Which kinda Mr Eazi beat is this kwanu? This Dyo girl and her minors sha. Adekunle in Yoruba. English. So this Dyo can also speak Yoruba? “Just focus on me and you!” Dyo sounds like RAYE, I must confess. But Adekunle is Adekunle. “I’m down with you always…”

“Pe mi anytime to ba need mi baby,” the vamp is banging. The Afrobeat is mad tho. Not the usual Adekunle song.

19. Mr Foolish (ft. Seun Kuti)

Chaii… See Afro. I knew. Sax comes in. “Were dun wo, ko se bi lomo,” the guy even intrepreted it. This sax is mad ojere. Mr Foolish. “O n gun keke ni Railway?” Who tries that anyway? Isn’t that a lead guitar?

Seun isn’t like Fela, but his flow is something. Too short verse. Not enough to convince us he’s Fela’s offspring, by the way. Impressive drum roll… Adekunle on “arararara,” mo forh oh!

“Mr. Foolish comot for my way,” sounds like he’s referring to the song, itself.

20. Surrender

Yeba! I can finally dance. Best song for your weddings in 2018! That 9ice type Afro-pop song, you know. Except that Adekunle’s voice is wayyy better.

I love these promises Adekunle is giving this girl. Did he just say “take my heart”? What sample is this under? Lead guitar, again? I surrender!

21. Damn Delilah

“To hell with you Delilah…” that’s how she use to do jare. Adekunle’s ex, Delilah will cry after hearing this. He’s using the D-word (is there even anything like that?)

Delilah better leave this guy… He don vex patapata. He won’t forgive you. Why will you break his heart? Forget about him. He’s better off without you!

22. Yoyo (ft. Flavour)

Only good energy. First time he’s mentioning his name on the album. Issa gold vibe truly!

He tries to remind us of how short life is, and urges us to enjoy life, while it lasts. Yoyoyo. Kai. Highlife to gbaski.

Is this Flavour? Where did he get this voice from? Oh. He’s the one. All these Igbo that pesin cannot understand.

“Enjoy your life like tommorow no dey..” Sampling “Jaiye orimi” is cool. It’s really a good vibe. My legs are shaking…

23. Money

So I haven’t heard this jam from the start before (radio things.) Sharp intro! Sounding “groovier” than it used to sound.

An attempt at re-making “Pick Up”, which didn’t work out, though. Lyrics a bit congested. Not too catchy. But then “Money, money, ego,” OK, I gbadun this gan gan. It’s mad!

24. Pablo Alakori

Another Afro-highlife beat. Adekunle is definitely not “alternative” or “Afro R&B” on this album.

“Wuru wuruto the answer,” is that the hook? Very catchy. Oh Jesus! Abeg… Wait, wait, that’s Aunty Simi on the backup.

Wuru wuru to the answer. O Jesus. Gbedu to mad gan! “Bro abeg, ma ma jale. No shortcut oh..” See bass line! Who did they say make this beat? Guitars, again? Abeg na. He actually mentioned “Adekunle Gold” again. At least, this is one pop record.

25. Fame

Cool keys. Alternative, by the way. Moody jam. Sometimes..

Oh! I think he’s an an American. Nah! See pidgin oh.. What is gan gan finding here again? This must be a Pheelz beat. Who else heard what he’s pitching in that bridge. Adekunle don turn to Gold oh!

26.  Remember

Another Afro shit… This one has a deep message, by the way. If this song came, late 2016, it’s easy to say, it’s aimed at Olamide. I hope say I no talk anything?

Same pattern of guitar on “Joromi,” they thought I won’t notice… “You can’t stop me, lai lai.”

27.  Somebody

Kinda hip-hop beat Lil Kesh will murder. Let’s say this R&B. The keyboards are on point. The chorus is catchy! And that sample, uh? This is “Pheelzsick!”

“I don’t need perfection…//I love your complexion, ma lo bora” Hahaha. This one kill me die! Which one is “ma lo bora” again?

Saxophones and talking drum at the same time, this is creativity tho. Too abrupt end. E suppose fade ni.

28. Mama

Not a regular song, of course. This should be dancehall. When did Adekunle start jumping on any beat? It’s even Afro-highlife sef. “Ta lon je superman, when I have you mummy?” Best line on this album…

Prayers for mama. Damn! Iya Kunle for Governor, Iya Kunle for President. Have you got your PVC? This old man must leave.

Best ending so far, too.

29. There Is A God (ft. LCGC)

Hmm. Deep. Gospel. Think I’ve heard this somewhere before. “Aligidi, arindin, talk say God no dey.” Wow! Adekunle’s vocals are 100%. Very inspirational.

“There is a God, he lives in the Heavens…” I think this will make it to the church! Definitely! That acapella ehn…

30. Back To Start

To be honest, the best intro’s in the industry are on Adekunle’s songs… Na true oh, we no dey play like beforn.

Mo nini, mo nini, police and thief? Sisi pelebe, baba dudu. Oh Jesus. This really took me down memory lane. I could beat my elder brother if he tries to take my sisi pelebe. Whatever happened to Eekana Gowon though?

Alubosa kekere kan.. Yeh! Adekunle is a current guy!

Ire Remix (ft. Jacob Banks) – BONUS

I hope this will be different and won’t bore me. Oh, he’s changing the notes, drawing them like ogbono. Making sense. This “Ire” is cool, afterall. You can’t get bored listening to it twice. I think I’m hearing his voice already… I mean Jacob.

Wawu! This is very cool. This Jacob Banks with his thick voice sha.. His “Eeeh” adlib sef issa killer.

Call On Me – BONUS

Oh, this sample. Pheelz issa good sampler. E go fii sample any girl oh. He actually changed his style, maybe not for the market, but for the girl (at least, that’s what he said?)

Mad dancehall. I’ve heard it before. Thank you!

“You live for my heart, but you no pay rent?” I’m just noticing this crazy line… Oya come make we go. Thank you!

In Conclusion;

“About 30” is a groovy album that points at Adekunle Gold’s artistic growth.. He’s really improved. The choice of beats, the vocals and the songwriting are all pro works. Great work!

This is Nigeria, where an artist has to do an album, full of single-worthy tracks, even if it means that album losing track. Whilst struggling in suck a complicated market, Adekunle makes a groovy album, without losing too much focus.

Thir is of course, not an alternative album, neither is it Afro-Pop. But, About 30 is the only album that captures Brymo’s alternative, Flavour’s highlife, Femi Kuti’s Afro, Ebenezer Obey’s guitar and Sunny Ade’s gospel. If you know, you know.

It’s wayy better than “Gold,” and that’s the joy!

Rating : 4.5/5 (On gbona bi hot plate!!!!)


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