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issa Legend. Listened to the album yesterday. I was like, na artiste be this.” That’s just one of the numerous “testimonies” I’ve heard about this new Brymo material, his sixth studio album, actually.

Truly, Brymo is a legend. Bullshit for the dogs, he’s one of the most talented acts on the planet (yeah, that’s planet). And, if you think otherwise, your case is not here. Dammit! You need proper care. And a touch of Reinhard Bonkke. Enough of that.

Brymo has never failed to impress his listeners, and shut down critics since his break-out single, “,”

In 2010, which was released off his album “TheSonOfaKapenta” under . Since “Ara” a lot has happened for Brymo. BUT, for Brymo, it’s always all about the music. And his work speaks for him. He kept dropping quality music, until all critics became dumb.

And, now he’s at a “Wizardry” level, with his craft. The music. This new album is a testament.

“Oso,” the yoruba word for Wizard, and the album couldn’t have got a befitting title. There’s something about Brymo’s music that hooks you instantly. It’s definitely a Wizard thing.

The album, which har 11 tracks, and runs for 38 minutes, is a gallant demonstration of a rare high-level artistry, which can only be done by rare artists in the calibre of Brymo.

There’s nothing trying to attract pop culture, or mainstream stuffs on the album. It’s just Brymo singing, on a piano. Suitable for live shows. There’s something about the vocals that is just inexplicable

No skits, or any shit that’ll break the sacred Experience, on the album.

Tracks like “” and the reflective “Patience and Goodluck,” brings on a philosophical approach to Brymo’s songwriting. Most of the songs on the album, teaches the philosohy of real life. “Heya,” that is getting treated as a single already, preaches hope. “Money Launderers,” “Olumo” and many more songs to boost up your, as the street calls it, OT!

Oso stands as Brymo’s most authentic (he was always authentic) piece, till date. Critically, the work of at is impressive. And, he puts on every track that Legendary touch of a Wizard.

The Brymo Experience is thrilling! Who say Brymo is not a legend? Who!

Rating: 4.5/5 (On gbona bi hot plate!!!!)


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