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Download Nicki Minaj Half Back Cardi B  Mp3 DownloadDownload   Diss Mp3 Download

A new song by Nicki Minaj titled Half Back has just surfaced online and we can say Nicki is taking shots at Cardi B.

Cardi B is on top of the rap game at the moment with her debut album Invasion of Privacy set to move more than 200k copies in the first week and debut at number 1 of Billboard 200.

But another female rapper, Nicki Minaj is coming. On Thursday, she will debut two new singles, ‘Barbie Tingz’ and ‘Chun-Li’ which will be the first wave of new music from her in a while. Nicki has remained disappeared from social media and the public eye since December.

But before that, here is a diss track reportedly taking shots at Cardi B. Hit the play button below and share.

In the second verse,

Anything with Nicki in it, they gonna pocket off
I mean profit off, my plug drop it off
You see them copyin’ my hair, tell ’em, “Chop it off”
Uh, wad gyal with the top is off
And dem say ’em [?] when we drop ’em off
Uh, I ain’t never played a hoe’s position
I ain’t ever have to strip to get the pole position
Hoes is dissin’? Okay, these hoes is wishin’
You’re in no position to come for O’s position
I ain’t movin’ weight, but I’m in the dope position
I ain’t movin’ weight, but I’m in the dope position…

Rapped Nicki Minaj.

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