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Due to popular demand we bring to you one of the trending songs on the charts. 16 shots by stefflon Don. I know you are glad to see this here!

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See Quotable Lyrics and Download below:-

No gyal can tell me ’bout my mother
16 shot, we go longer than a ladder
Dem nuh fi talk ’bout the real don dada
Put body inna pot dem a bun like grabba
No boy can diss me or my mother
Round here ain’t safe, everybody need armour
16 shot, we go shotta any bluddah
Rah-ta, rah-ta
Ka-kah, ka-kah, ka-kah

You couldn’t be badder than a King-stony
Diss my mother then your skin start bleed
So don’t bother mess with my mommy
With my mommy, with my mommy
Baby, tink you bad, say ya badder than she
If dog a-go bark, long time dem doh eat
Rap on, pop off, make you move like freak
They say dem a gangsta, but so is mommy

They gon’ put hands on a chick
They gon’ put hands on her
Eyes watchin’ when I comin’ through the door
What I’mma do, they ain’t prepared for

Get 1 shot, if dem tink dem a man
Get 2 shot, if dem feel dem a don
Get 3 shot, if dem tek mi fi ediat
Get 4 shot, this a couple shot, know that
Get 5 shot, fi anybody what think dem hard
Straight, head tump, ya must drop
If you hit up the da-da-da-don
Bullets gon’ hit you wherever you are


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