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, went from winning Idols West Africa talent show to being the un-disputed and ever-unbeaten King of Soul Music, in Nigeria. So much that, will have to bow. will have to claim RnB. Because, Timi is around. Meanwhile, it took him years and years to get here. How did he do it?

Timi Dakolo, isn’t a name you hear everytime when it comes to Mainstream music. He seldom drops music. And, if he drops, forget it, na until next year he go drop another. But, still, you logon to his website and what greets you is “Nigeria’s King Of Soul,” but how, you ask?

How did Timi Dakolo remain Nigeria's King of Soul with his a single, a year formulae

It’s not that anybody really doubting his prowess, but it gets to a point, where you just know and know that an artist is starving us of music intentionally. Timi Dakolo, amongst other RnB and Soul singers gladly falls into that category. Of course, he may have other ventures and may not solely depend on the music he’s making for a living. His widely-sort performances are also a big stream of income for him, such that he can survive without dropping an album, in years. But, one thing is, Timi Dakolo is music. Music is all he is. So, as expected of a king of a genre like soul, he should consistently drop materials that would shake the industry, and set some paces, for the younger “alternative” artists of the SoundCloud era. Why does he now drop one single, in one year, and disappears?

He dropped his album “Beautiful Noise,” since 2011, and that seemed to be the only year we got a host of music from the maestro. Being a good songwriter though, we can rightly say, he’s choosing quality over quantity.

That’s why around the time he got the Headies Revelation Of The Year Nomination, in 2012, he only had two singles, Love SongandGreat Nation.” The latter, taking him to heights as being Peace ambassadors, and all that.

In 2014, he had his “Iyawo Mi” hit single, that shook the airwaves, then. And, is still one of the best soul/RnB songs used during weddings and valentine’s.

2015, was “Wish Me Well,” a song that later got him three Awards the next year. One for “Best Vocal Performance,” another for “Best Recording” and “Best RnB single.” All, in 2016.

In 2016, he had pulled through, as he celebrated his 4th year wedding anniversary, dropping a soulful song, “The Vow.

2017, was “Medicine,” that tries to sample the Afro tune that was raving, at the time.

And, then this year, we’ve had nothing from the Bayelsa-born singer, so far. Well, maybe we should just get accustomed to his one single a year, as long as the music is quality? Especially, when we really don’t have a choice.

While we wait for Timi Dakolo, let’s enjoy the ones we have, right now? I heard has dropped his song with , “For You?”, Has anyone listened? if not get it HERE.


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