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Google “’s Net Worth,” and you’ll get a freaking too many results. Many many speculations on how much the pop star is actually worth. For real, nobody can be accurate on this. BUT, what range can we put him? How much can we call his? What’s his net worth?

Davido is one of the richest singers on the continent. Even though he’s the son of billionare, Adeleke, he’s still hustling. Working hard to make his damn money. He’s not a lazy child. And, his hustle is paying off. He sure makes millions of Naira from sales, and streamings of his music. Going diamond and platinum is no joke. Topping iTunes chart is not a joking matter. It means he actually sells.

How much is Davido really worth N30billion

Although, his last prnject “” was in 2016, he actually makes money off his singles. From streams, callertunes and technical sales. Imagine selling up to 2 million copies and selling up to 10 million. That’s big money.

Imagine, just N50 (the Mtn music plus standard) comes in from each copy, that means IF made him about N20m, and “Fall” about N500m. WTF is that!!! N500m? Now imagine, how much all of his hit singles got him. , Pere, Flora My Flawa and others. So, OBO, rakes in a lot from the music.

His performance fees are said to be between the range of N8m – N10m. So, if he plays 20 shows. N200m in? Do the math.

And, his last year, was said to have earned him N500m, just 1/60 of the N30bn we all think isn’t possible. Now talk of the tours, both in Nigeria, and off-shore. Even if he doesn’t have N30bn now, in a few years, he should be approaching that amount.

His numerous endorsements too, has got him big money, and just his deal with MTN was said to have got him a whooping N30m. He’s also an ambassador for Guiness Nigeria. And his deal with Pepsi, had reportedly got him N100 fucking million. Wow! Davido has enough money to say he’s the “Baba Olowo” now.

Davido owns two houses. A mansion on the island, which he got for about N140m in 2013. And, a house in his birthplace, Atlanta Georgia, which is valued at N33m.

In his garage, he has fleet of cars. Including an Audi, worth aboutN20million, a Porsche, which cost him an excess of N40m, a Mercedes Benz GLA250, worth about N50million, a Toyota Land Cruiser valued at N17.5 million and a Range Rover Sport, worth N35 million. Recently he bought a $200k Bentley Bentayga. That’s well over N72m.

The OBO also has jewelries that can buy 20 cars. He’s got a $120k Rolex (N48m), a $125k patek philippe worth about N50m, a customized $50K diamond chain (N18m). And many other jewelries he rocks every time.

There are definitely assets he has that no one knows about. And the cash in bank??? Mehn!!! Your guess is as good as mine.

Everything we’ve spoken about Davido, will definitely add up to a big amount. The N100m endorsement, N500 from the concert, N72m bentley, N140m house. Mehn, all that is huge.

Davido was said to be worth N2.9 in 2017, but that’s way too small. While N30bn may be his goal, the pop star should be worth about N10bn – N15bn. Not all artist can boast of a billi. The “IF” singer is fucking RICH!!! Speed Darlington can now shut up.


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