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As predicted, many of our runaway rappers are back to rap. , even and . Just this year, many dope rap records have been released by stars, and upcoming acts, alike. Some of which are “Science Student” by Olamide, “” by Reminisce and “O Sure” by Ola odips and more. has an album, underground hip-hop act, dropped an album, too. BUT, I digress!

Since the release of “Ajigijaga,” one of Reminisce’s dopest records ever, a lot of hip hop fans have given their comments. And, it’s been positive, all the way. Nobody is questioning this man’s rap prowess after this record! Nobody! It’s glaring! Even Reminisce is a G.O.A.T element. Rap flows in his blood. You can almost feel it in his voice, as he raps.

Ji masun, ma sun, ma ma je k’on ka’na candle si e lese.. Don’t ever sleep on this bad-ass called Reminisce, again. Don’t ever. It’s too dangerous to think he’s not one of the hottest to ever grab a microphone. It might mean mental disorder. In other words, o ti ni problem.

Reminisce kick started 2018 with a shaku shaku jam, called “PROBLEM.” One of the most banging street jams, that have been dropped in this shaku shaku era.

Then, he went a bit silent. He did a guest verse on ‘s jam, by the way. Until, few days ago, when he re-surfaced again with a real hip hop jam, that Explains so many things about him. One, it explains why so many people think he’s better than Olamide. Two, it explains why people pitch him for indigenous hip-hop G.O.A.T. Three, it also tells us the reason why he signed a dope cat like . And, the list goes on and on.

On the song, he pushes the braggadocios button, and Eulogies himself. He tried balancing, by speaking a few English line. Letting us into the depth of his lyricism, using strong metaphors and pun, and proving to us that he’s not only an intelligent , but also an intelligent “hip hop artist.” Don’t ask what the difference is.

And, that’s why so many people seem to be talking about his English rap. He’s very dope. Someone even said he’s a crisp of Olamide and M.I. While this may not be critically true, come to think of it, how many rappers can flow consistently on two languages, switching effortlessly, even internally as Reminisce does? Not so many. All these tactics were what put on his new rap song Ajigijaga.

Reminisce can now drop another album! The thing goes skrrr!


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