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Very soon now, the organizers of NEA and several other Awards will pull up, with the List of Nominees for their 2018 Awards. And, we’ll soon start having debate on which song is the “Song Of The Year,” which album is the best, and who takes “Best New Artist.”

Actually, apart from the “Artist Of The Year” and the so-much coveted “Next Rated”, the next most prestigious is “Song Of The Year.” A category which aims at giving proper recognition to the best (not only in terms of quality, but in terms of how hot the single was) song, released under the year in review.

Is Soco by Wizkid The Best Song Of 2018

But, away from Awards, what song is the best, that has been released in 2018? The hottest jam of 2018? Is it ’s “”?

When earlier this year, Wizkid announced the signing of Ryn to the StarBoy roster (which was more like empty before), it was supposed to be a revival of StarBoy Imprint, which the DMW has out-done, in few years now. But, Instagram posts weren’t enough, so Wizkid had to get his boys and get back into the studio, to work on music. Then…

Oya soco soco, soco soco soco, soco soco baby oh, soco soco soco soco so… Oya gbefun lopo…

Oh, when they come through! We all know it’s a vibe, so we’ve got no choice but to turn up!

The song is an Afrobeat, that still in all ramifications exploit the “pon pon pon” sound that has been on, since 2016. A very addictive beat, that hooks you down whenever you hear it, it’s just a perfect beat for the “Soco soco” hook to be laid. Wizkid wasn’t slacking down.

The guys he put on, Terri Ryn, and , were nothing short of impressive, as they go hard, delivering 100%. Ceeza, especially “destroyed” the song with one of his best verses ever. And, oh, that Wizkid vamp is paradise!

The song, once released, became a hit, and Even tho’, it dropped during the shaku shaku Era, it still tipped off many street jams to become No. 1. Even all of Wizkid’s follow-up’s couldn’t reach “Soco”. And, this yet another “Caro” from the Starboys.

Time will tell better, but now, it’s the best!!


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