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On the morning dropped his new single ,” he had been on a popular Radio show. Once I heard that voice, I knew it was one of the best out of Nigeria. It was early in the morning, think I just woke, so I couldn’t figure who it was, but I had listened on with rap attention. As he spoke, answering questions, I felt that inspirational aura all over me. Just then, I just said out loud; “Jay-Won!” I thought I screamed.

Jaywon raises the bar higher than expectation on Saro!

As the show went on, the lady that was in the studio throwed him a question (can’t remember) and then Jaywon starts speaking, almost emotionally. He then said something that struck me hard. Jaywon said lately people, dons in the industry he didn’t expect, had called him telling him he’s been doing funny, and that he needs to go back, and bring back the Jaywon of the old days. The Jaywon that dropped one of the most evergreen songs in Nigeria pop history. The Jaywon whose songs carry inspiration. The old Jaywon. And, so, he had gone back and worked on “Saro!” I shivered!

I downloaded “Saro” not knowing what to expect, to be honest. The only Jaywon playing in my head is “Ma Sun,” a song everyone will agree is Jaywon’s song, but is not Jaywon. So, I just kept my hopes high.

Afterall, Jaywon is one of the bests to ever do this stuff. Known for his evergreen hit “Odun Yi,” which he did while he was under Kennis Music. Although, he’s done a lot of songs, after that. Many didn’t hit the bar he raised for himself. And 90% of ’em just finds him trying to jump into trends and make hits. That’s the case with his recent “Ma Sun,” and songs like “Another Level” featuring . He did “Joromi,” got dragged for it. He’s even done collabos with , , , , . Not that anything’s really wrong with it. But, the problem remains the Jaywon we know is different. He’s raised the bar higher than all what he’s delivering. Then….

“Saro” is Jaywon, the Jaywon we’ve longed for, all the while. To make this song “Saro,” he goes a bit alternative, and puts on that Afro-fusion vibe.. Not only does the instrumental by fit Jay so much, but he also shows us that he’s a good songwriter. The storyline is intact, from A-Z. His diction and mood, fits perfectly. And then with the lyrics and the beat. He didn’t lose focus as he tries to make the hook catchy. What else? Nothing better could have happened. “Saro” is a perfect jam. You feel that feeling rush down your spine, as you listen.

For many years, we’ve waited for a day we can talk about Jaywon in this classic manner. And, yeah, it’s finally here. “Saro” did the magic. With all confidence, I can say, this is the best Jaywon song you’ll find, anywhere on this planet. He raised the bar even higher than we expected!

If there’s really an ex of his called Saro, Jaywon should just call her and say “Thank you!”


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