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Lil Uzi Vert song has surfaced via his official SoundCloud page, but it must be acknowledged – the circumstances surrounding this drop are indeed dubious. In fact, the track has arrived mere hours after a would-be vigilante, who may or may not be Uzi Vert himself, seized the rapper’s IG page with some serious mixed messages. “Honestly I care nothing about the guy but I hate when people get took advantage of,” writes the “hacker.

Considering Uzi’s history of frustration toward industry red-tape, the entire ordeal is suspicious to say the least. Are we really meant to believe that this leaker is so abhorred by the Uzi’s current situation that he went through such effort to leak his music? A likely story. To be honest, if Uzi is really playing the man-behind-the-curtain, it’s one of the most brilliant pieces of marketing in a minute.

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