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Artists come and artists go.. It’s a popular saying down here that “you can’t be hot for life”… One day one day, monkey go go market, En no go come back again! One day, all the hype will go, the fame will crash, the money may Even go. But, what you did while you were hot, is what we have as Throwback’s.

In ’s case, he never got the chance to get to the Topmost, but he was a star. Some call him “one-hit wonder”, but of a truth, had many hits. And, he was one of the artists that held Nigeria in ’08. It was the year, he had dropped his debut album, “King Of The Zanga.”

Mp3Bullet TBT!!! 10 Years After King Of Zanga, Where Is Durella

The singer, born Oluwadamilare Okulaja, had by chance, met Execs of TC Record, while he was performing at a show. And, later, they had signed him. Back in 2006. Prior to the album, in 2008, he already had hits like “Enu O Se” and “Shayo,” which disturbed the airwaves, that year. And, so it was just normal he dropped the album.

When the Album dropped, in February, it wasn’t a disappointment. With mad jams like “Wiskolowiska”, ” Shayo”, “Queen Of My Zanga”, “Enu O Se” and “Gunners Anthem”, Durella went from just a regular artist, to a well-respected pop star.

Although, fate quickly took it’s toll on the singer, as his fame began to dwindle, right after, today we still have a lot to remember him for. If notfor the ’08 album, we can remember his 2011 collabo with , called “GaGa”, or for the D’banj song he was featured on. He’s worked with artists like , Terry G and more.

Even though, unlike his “sound-alike”, D’banj, he’s not a star anymore, in 2008, he did drop a bang album, we all loved.

Meanwhile, where on earth is he now?

Download Gaga by Durella ft Wizkid Below..



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