Mp3bullet TBT!!! If you help me see Djinee, tell am we never forget Ego. • Mp3bullet


“If you help me see , tell am I don go.. ” If there’s any song Nigerians won’t ever forget, it should be . A song by an RnB artist called . And yeah, I’m talking bout the time there was no , no , or . I’m talking ’04, ’06. Then, Djinee was one of the hottest in the country. Of course, there was D’banj,  , 2face and a couple others, but Djinee’s uniqueness stood him out.
In 2004, the Edo singer, who had moved to Lagos and had taken up a job at SoundCity TV, got signed to Westside Music Inc. As part of the deal, he had the opportunity to work with any top producer. He chose the multi–talented , and that was how the hit single Ego happened!
Mp3bullet TBT!!! If you help me see Djinee, tell am we never forget Ego.

Amidst doubts from the Label on whether the single would be a success and threats that he (Djinee)  will take up the cost, if it doesn’t work out, Ego was released. In 2004! It did become a hit. One we will never forget.

A rock song that was the lover’s choice, back then, Ego catapulted Djinee to a Rockstar status. Although, his career never went smoothly, he still managed to wow us for a season.

He left his SoundCity TV job in 2007, to face music squarely. And in 2008, he started rolling with M.I  Abaga and the Chocolate City boys. He assisted M.I’s single. He at a time, was also managed by Choc City. His Overkilling Remix had the Choc boys on it.

Tracks like “Lade” also add to his discography. But, the standout is Ego! We can’t forget that! It’s been 14 years, by the way.

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