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When you mention Dagrin, so many things come up. So many, you never can predict which is coming up now. Dagrin, is one of the most inspirational hip-hop figures, of our time. He’s even considered the Greatest of all rappers, ever lived. In that, he’s loved and Equally respected by the whole of Nigeria.

Unfortunately, he passed on, too soon. He died before he was able to convince the world about his credibility. He passed away, after he was involved in an auto-crash, in 2010. Although, we couldn’t see ‘Grin again, that wasn’t the End of the man that shook Nigeria ’08 – ’10. He continued to live on the heart of , who love him, and his craft. And, till now, people still can’t get his songs off their mind. Here are a few reasons why;

Nigerians can't forget Dagrin's songs. Here's why!

1. Relatable

How do you forget a song like “Ghetto Dreams,” when sometimes you feel the song talks about you? The content touches you each time you hear it, because Everyone can relate. What of songs like “Pon Pon Pon,” although made to sound braggadocios and funny, don’t you relate with lyrics like “mo le feyin si pepsi”? Or don’t you open pepsi with your teeth? OK, what of the song Democracy,” don’t you relate with it A-Z.

2. Simple

Although delivered in pure Yoruba, there are no tough words you’ll have to crack your brain to get, in his songs. Simple simple stuffs, that even an Igbo can understand. He never minces his words, and for no reason does he mumbles. He also doesn’t do very fast stuffs, so that people can grab it, as fast as possible. He was never dragging fastest rapper, he did his stuffs simply. Simply means, a day old child will understand. Period!

3. Inspirational

You can’t forget a song that inspired you. You can’t. Come to think of it, this is what ’s songs are filled with. Inspiration! From “Ghetto Dreams” to the gospel “Thank God,” the sarcastic “If I Die” and satiric “Democracy,” every line, every sentence, you know, he knows what he’s saying. You can’t but get inspired.

4. Dope

When Dagrin died, infact Even before his sad demise, he was the yardstick for measuring how dope a rapper is. You hear stuffs like, “he’s good, but not as good as Dagrin,” and that’s ’cause he’s very dope.

From his lyricism to his flow, and then the way he rides his beats, easily, you’ll know he’s talented. And he’s honed that talent, and he gave his best!

5. Hip Hop

Considered the only rapper who never “went commercial,” commercial rebels like Oladips, Obadice et al have been linked with Dagrin. Dagrin was strictly hip-hop, despite how Afro-Pop was selling in the market. Even had to go commercial, but till Dagrin died, he stood his ground, and hip-hop fans, if for nothing else, respect him for that.

6. Death

Finally, he’s dead. And that’s one of the reasons we can’t get rid of his songs from our head. His death was a big loss to the industry, and Nigeria as a whole. It’s so painful. And memories of the late icon won’t let us forget his songs, any time any day. In fact, many people still have Dagrin on their playlists.

R.I.P Dagrin!!!


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