“No Gun Was Pulled On RunTown,” Says Close Source • Mp3bullet


Since the drama of pop singer, Runtown, and his Label, Eric Many, started in 2016. Many hidden cats have been let out of the bag. But one that quickly caught our attention was RunTown’s claim that his boss, Okwudili Umenyiora, aka Dilly, threatened him with a gun, and made him renew his deal, by force.

BUT, now what we’re hearing is there was no gun, no threat. In a new post on Pulse Nigeria, Joey Akan, said he spoke to a close source to Eric Many, who pleaded anonymity. The source had said; “Dilly has never threatened Runtown with a gun. He is a kind person with a large heart. But when people take advantage of that, it gets him angry.” He claimed Dilly scolds Runtown, but no gun was pulled on him.

In the article, the close source also opened up on how Runtown got signed, in 2014. According to the article, Runtown has been having illegal collaborations, and is even taking payments. He’s also allegedly refused to come back, just to make the label lose money.


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