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Olamide and Wizkid goes 'FelaKutic' on "Kana" [Review]It’s been almost 3 years since we last had a and Olamide joint. They’ve had two together. The first being way back 2011, during the days of their come up. The joint was “,” off Olamide’s first album Rapsody, under ’s imprint. was a big hit, in ’11 and ’12, and it’s one of the classic tunes Nigeria’s ever heard.
Then, they did another joint in 2015, “” a Young Jonn produced banger, that shook Nigeria then. And for a while it was like they weren’t friends again. Davido even shaded Wizkid on Olamide’s song last year. But, all that was shit.
Olamide teases his fans with his latest song Kana featuring Wizkid
Until few weeks ago, when Olamide teased a new collaboration with StarBoy. He had put it up on Instagram that Wizkid came to his place and “blessed some beats.” Wizkid, of a truth, is doing a lotta collabos now, even upcoming arts like , and have songs with Wizkid. So, it’s just normal he should do something Olamide, who is also not resting, this year.

A snippet to the new jam, was put up. And, the hype came alive. Everyone was talking about the new Olamide ft. Wizkid jam. And then, days later, the song found it’s way online. It wasn’t a disappointment, of course.

But, was it really worth it? Or was it over-hyped like Marvel’s Black Panther? Did this song hit that mark of quality we’re Expecting from Wizkid and Olamide? Can Wizkid put a song like this on his Album? If this song wasn’t Wizkid or Olamide, would we still consider it a banger, or we’ll simply write it off as a mediocre? Too many questions to answer!

From the start, the instrumental, delivered by Legendury , Exudes a ‘braggadocious’ level of artistry, you only find with people like Master Kraft and . The Afrobeat, has that Killertunes-esque vibe that makes it suit the Star Boy well.
” not a love song, but it is a song adressed to a lady, or maybe ladies. The setting isn’t specific (a Video might help) but you see, it’s just Wizkid telling Olamide; “let’s just sing something, anything.” The Tekno simile got us, by the way .
Is Wizkid now too big for Music
And it’ll be stupid, not to cite that, in a way, the song samples ’s “Zombie.” Being an Afrobeat makes it work perfectly. And Wizkid’s artistic intelligence makes the sample almost invisible. Even though, it’s sure if he’s never heard “Zombie” by Kuti, he can never thinking of using that line “Zombie oh, you be Zombie.”

Olamide wasn’t slack here. He seemed to have improved a lot in his singing, and that part where he and Wizkid sang one line each, you almost not know who’s a better singer. Except for the fact that, Wizkid actually sounded minor notes.

Overall, they did something no one of them would have done alone. You may say it has no theme, but you just have to relate. Take it away from Olamide and Wizkid, and just let the music sink deep into your soul. You’ll discover this is a “FelaKutic” work! Wooo!


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