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Kizz Daniel, Wizkid Something spiritual y'all didn't notice is on For You! (Review)First thing that comes to mind, as you push play on a record like “For You” is, G-Worldwide really fucked up. They shouldn’t for any reason have held from doing collaborations while he was still with them. Of course, that might not have stopped him from leaving still, but that, would have gave them the best reputation. And, as well, made them more money. Only God knows which businessman wrote their policy.

Fact is, Kiss Daniel is good on collabo’s. So far, he’s been on Harrysong’s “Selense” and Spinall’s “Baba.” The hype built around those two monster singles, made them instant hits. Also, the success of Woju Remix, his only real collabo during his stay at G-Worldwide, shouldn’t be overlooked. Even though, Emperor Geezy and the team overlooked it. The story ended differently.

Whichever way, whether the name belongs to them or not, one thing is sure, that guy is here to stay. This new one confirms that, and yeah, it’s just a jam ‘.’

“For You” balances as an Afro single, which has that type dancehall vibe. That same vibe has been used and re-used by on songs like “Come Closer.”

Kizz is the creative type, and the beats he jumps on sometimes leave you wondering what he really is up to. From the intro you’re like, “Is Kizz really gonn’ sing on this?” Not that he’s done anything similar before, but you just know this is a perfect vibe. Nobody could’ve done it better.

Wizkid, as a creative, is also game. Jumps on any beat, drops any type of verse. Can even rap if you want him. Then when those two creatives connect, you know you’re in for an inexplicable vibe. It’s definitely unpredictable ’cause their creativity knows no bounds.

“For You” with it’s many flaws, still perfectly captures that Afro sound we’re tryna push. In a way that makes you pitch Kizz Daniel for the international market. Don’t be surprised when foreign labels come for him. It’s not only a love song, but a song that creates a “sexual” atmosphere. Suitable for cold nights, when we have weather for two. It also holds a sound that can work well at clubs. Infact suitable for strip clubs. Then the lyrics just fuck shit up properly. That means, you can just put this on play during Weddings (yes, even in the church.) Wizkid tried to ‘own’ the song, and he did a neat job, as he vibrates on the beat. Who else noticed his voice has also become very very good?

Overall, Kizz Daniel and Wizkid create a spiritual vibe, on an unusual tune, and deliver a sound that already sounds ‘classic’. It’s not everytime we get a song you can enjoy with your lover, in a cool atmosphere. Especially during this shaku shaku era. Don’t you think these guys deserve some accolades?

Rating: 4/5


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