When Boogey go blow? Or is hip-hop truly dead? • Mp3bullet


is a talented dude. Even badass rappers respect him, as a very dope rapper. Most especially for his top-notch lyricism. He’s a cool cat. And, real hip hop heads have on their Playlist. BUT, that’s not the case with music fans, generally. Most people don’t know . When you talk of dope rappers, they remember VEC, , , and probably, never even cite Boogey. Whereas, he’s one of the most-gifted rappers. The problem is simple, he has not blown. The mainstream doesn’t know him. He’s got many projects (mixtapes) to his credit, and numerous dope tracks. Many of which never caught the attention of the Media, and fans. Except, of course, his die hard fans. Recently, he dropped “Nouvea Niveau,” a 15-track album, very hot. And he has this banging track off it; “.” Before that, he’s dropped “,” also off the album, on which he featured , and . Those tracks are dope. BUT people still sleep on him? Why? Is it that hip-hop’s dead, like many people say ?


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